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  • Colombia

    Oct. 2023
  • Mexico

    Aug. 2023
  • Brasil

    May 2024
Fernando Daza Rodríguez
Owner of AudioTrade
"The quantity and quality of visitors to TecnoMultimedia Colombia 2022 shows us a hopeful future for 2023. Many visitors came with interesting projects for Audio Trade and FBT.

Initially, the decision to participate in TMI was also a risky one: it was the first major promotional fair to be organized after the pandemic disaster and there was a lot of uncertainty about the results of investing time, effort and money in the event. Nevertheless, we decided to participate and it paid off handsomely.

The turnout was much higher than in the pre-pandemic editions and most of the attendees had potential as clients; the number of contacts made was much higher and the amount of business closed after the event is increasing".